Wish List
People often ask us what they can do for the library. We are always in need of funding. This is true of every library out there. In our case it's especially true because the local and state governments do not provide for all of our needs. They provide money for materials and some money for staff, and that is all. All of the money to pay for utilities, maintenance, programs, and evening and weekend staff hours has to be raised from patron donations. We depend on those donations to cover our basic needs every budget year. Funds that are donated are tax deductible because the Highland County Public Library is, in fact, a 501(c)3 non-profit organization, which is only partially supported with public funds. If you would like to make a donation to help us provide library services in this remote, rural area you can send a donation to:

Highland County Public Library
P. O. Box 519
Monterey, VA  24465

We will send you an acknowledgement for tax purposes.

We are in need of helping hands throughout the year. Our biggest need is for the Annual Used Book Sale. We are always in need of people to help set up the sale, move books, sort them, and sell them. The book sale is very labor intensive and it takes hundreds of man hours to pull off. The sale is always held the same weekend as the Chamber of Commerce's Hands and Harvest Festival. We start calling volunteers in September. If you'd like to help with the sale you can contact us at 540-468-2373. People who volunteer for a total of four hours prior to the sale are allowed to purchase books early.

We need someone who is knowledgeable about gardening to help us with our flowers and landscaping around our building. We need help weeding and pruning.

We need people who can cover the front desk on occasion. Such a person would be trained to basically run the library in the librarian's absence.

We need someone who can volunteer to help out with office duties occasionally.

Special Items
  Sometimes there are items which we have difficulty acquiring because they are either rare, or too expensive for us. We've decided to post some of those items here in hopes that someone might be able to donate them.

Highland County School Yearbooks - We have a good collection of Highland County School yearbooks, but it is by no means complete. We are missing whole blocks of years which we would love to be able to find. The years we need are as follows:

Anything prior to 1948
1950, 1951, 1952
1981, 1984, 1985, 1986, 1987

We would be most grateful to anyone who could help us add one of these books to our collection.