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Photo Scavenger Hunt
Nature scavenger hunt Google share link
Neighborhood scavenger hunt Google share link
Teenage scavenger hunt Google share link
Who?   Summer Reading Program participants. If you have not signed up already you can do so at our “Tails and Tales” Summer Reading Program headquarters, the SRP 2021 page at www.highlandlibrary.com.

What?   Choose a hunt and take pictures of each item with your phone, tablet, or camera. Compile those photos in groupings or collages and send them to us for verification. We will share them in our Scavenger Hunt album on Facebook, if you give permission.

When?  You have from now until August 14 to collect the photos. They must be pictures you took!

Why?  For fun, of course! And for a prize bag! The bag will include a free book, a reading prize, and a snack. 

How?   You can do it on your own or ask for family help. There are many popular apps and programs you can use to create photo collages. Contact us if you need help with that part. Our email is mail@highlandlibrary.com.

The Scavenger Hunt lists were provided by www.happymommyhacks.com.